Migration and Globalization: Engaging our Communities

This is an intensive program that explores issues of migration, immigration, and globalization. It is ideal for students who are interested in working with Spanish-speaking populations in the United States, as it includes intensive Spanish language classes, an internship or independent research opportunity, and courses that help students ... read more

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Migration and Globalization: Engaging our Communities Enganging with community, speakers, academics, and common daily life allowed for a overall learning and experiential atmosphere.

Reviewed by Student2013student on .

I enjoyed the fact that we were not learning in the classroom, but also aside of it. The speakers, field trips, videos, etc., complimented with our learning material and made it much easier to learn, identify, and become aware of cultural, social, economic, political, etc. differences. I enjoyed having our final projects through which I learned a lot with my peers. Though, one of my suggestions for them would be to test students before placing th... Read more

Migration and Globalization: Engaging our Communities Enriching

Reviewed by Jessie Leigh Marsonstudent on .

Mexico has changed my life. Everything I have learned here, about a different culture, about social issues, and also about myself has completely flipped my world. Between the classes, the guest speakers, the excursions and the two different home stays I feel that I have gotten as much out of this experience that I possibly could in four months. This is a great program and I hope that it continues to be available for years to come. Read more

Migration and Globalization: Engaging our Communities Come Back in a Heart Beat

Reviewed by Sally Fifieldstudent on .

If I had the opportunity to study abroad with Center for Global Education I would come back in a heart beat. I loved the home stays, the classes, and the weekend excursions/opportunities. At times it could improve on organization, but overall this has been a wonderful experience. Read more