ISA in Florence, Italy

Program Affiliation: ISA: International Studies Abroad

- Located in Florence, Italy, in Tuscany
- Center of Italian culture and history
- Big city but easily stays small town
- Walk to any major part of Florence in 30 minutes

7 User Reviews

ISA in Florence, Italy You Won't Know Until You Go

Reviewed by Breanna Mielestudent on .

I honestly cannot praise ISA and the Florence program specifically enough. This experience changed my life in every way possible--but in the most positive ways, of course (as cheesy as that sounds). If you are on the fence about this program or are still unsure, all I can tell you is that of all the things Study Abroad Alumni say when they get back from a trip, the one thing they don't say is that they regret doing it. Read more

ISA in Florence, Italy Firenze

Reviewed by Karabstudent on .

I loved studying abroad in Florence, Italy through ISA. The staff was helpful and personable. When I had concerns they would talk them through with me and help me find a way to solve it. I was upset at first with how far away my homestay was from the main part of Florence. I had quite a long walk or had to ride the bus. That upset the American me who is used to having everything easy and was only looking for what a tourist looks for. However, the... Read more

ISA in Florence, Italy Brava!

Reviewed by Kimmy Keslinstudent on .

I can say that studying abroad in Florence, Italy was the best semester of my life - hands down. And it probably wouldn't have been the same without the help of the ISA staff. The on-site staff was always there willing to help without being too hands on and annoying. They gave you a sense of freedom on this new journey, yet you felt safe knowing you had a family away from home. You could have a wonderful time abroad without any worries. Read more

ISA in Florence, Italy Italia - Mamma Mia!!

Reviewed by Lindsay student on .

Firenze, Italia, what more do I have to say? My semester abroad with ISA was travel-packed, exhausting and absolutely unforgettable. Not one of my 111 day trip was spent uneventful. From the streets of Florence, the waterfalls of Morocco, the Alps of Austria, the Tuscan sunsets, the festivals of Spain, the Guinness Ireland and Mt. Etna in Sicily, my trip was just that - one of a lifetime. My decision to study abroad in Italy with ISA completel... Read more

ISA in Florence, Italy Ciao!

Reviewed by Jessica Phanstudent on .

My trip began in Rome, Italy where I met the other fifty students’ part of this summer program and had my orientation. ISA organized walking and bus tours for us and brought us to a group dinner. During my four-day stay in Rome I had the opportunity to see the Roman Ruins, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican museum. After orientation, ISA brought us all on a bus to Florence, ... Read more

ISA in Florence, Italy Molto Bene a Firenze!

Reviewed by Angela Coburnstudent on .

I loved my ISA Study Abroad experience so much. The only bad part about my experience was my House mom, but I informed ISA of this throughout the trip and they did so much to help make it better for me. The staff was so helpful and friendly and genuinely excited about giving us an amazing experience. They planned so many things to get us acquainted and to make sure we were fully immersed in the culture in addition to making the transition a lot e... Read more

ISA in Florence, Italy Lack of Integrity by FUA Professors

Reviewed by acinnostudent on .

To my dismay, my winemaking professor stole her entire course reader and lecture notes from none other than Wikipedia! If you typed "malolactic fermentation" into Wikipedia, the exact same words were found on Camilla Carrega's lecture notes. Was no textbook for this class; her notes were what was to be studies. I brought this to the attention of the Dr. Soave, their Academic Dean, as well as the administrator in charge of Academics at ISA in ... Read more