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A review on Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12)

Reviewed by Santiana Luecastudent on


Highly overpriced! There are definitely better oportunities!!

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Other Reviews on Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12)

  • A+
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) Great opportunity to be independent

    Reviewed by Elizabeth on .

    This was one of the best summers of my life. I learned so much about myself because I was forced to live without my parents, without my customs, and in a completely foreign environment.

  • A+
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) Amazing.

    Reviewed by Dee on .

    This summer was the best summer of my life. That is not an exaggeration. I met different people from so many different countries. This allowed me to understand different cultures and languages. I got a glimpse of English culture, which truly is quite refined. I attended guest speaker opportunities, went punting, tried new foods, went to the local market, visited the Fitzwilliam Museum, visited London, visited Canterbury,played soccer, watched the World Cup, and played tennis on grass courts. Jesus College has various sculptures located around its campus, making it quite an exciting experience--trying to interpret the meaning of this abstract artwork. The small college town is very safe and quite homely.
    As for education, the teachers are great. The program has a great focus on the academic courses and they are very interesting.
    Dorm rooms are great, very clean, very organized and safe.
    Adminstrators enforce strict rules and anyone who breaks them risks the possibility to be sent back home. I have seen people get caught for drinking be sent straight home.
    It is quite rigorous, but the best thing I have ever experienced!

  • C-
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) Disappointed by academics!

    Reviewed by Giulia SanGranera on .

    As I participated for the academic aspect - I was hugely disappointed by the quality of the lessons. Plus, I believe that 7,000 $ are too much!

  • F
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) F

    Reviewed by Mary Evans on .

    Just deserves an F!

  • A+
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) Phenomenal

    Reviewed by Molly C. on .

    The summer that I spent at Jesus College was, no exaggeration, the best summer that I've ever had. The staff is great, really fun and really helpful. I made so many amazing friends during the month that I was there, and am still in contact with all of them. There were a lot of activities available for students, especially a lot of really fun sports/games. My dorm was really nice, with my own bathroom and even a balcony (!!). Most of the other rooms were very nice as well, with a few exceptions. My only real complaint was that some of the food in college wasn't that great, but we were in walking distance of many restaurants and a grocery store. Also there were only like three washing machines/dryers for everyone, which made doing laundry a little difficult, but it wasn't really a big deal. We got unlucky with a lot of bad weather during our month, but no one on the program, students or staff, let that get in the way of having a great time, and made us all take really good advantage of the one week with great weather. The classes were fun and interesting, and all the teachers seemed to be really into their topics. I really liked that we had a lot of free time to hang out and explore and participate in activities. There was a really good balance between structure and freedom. The two day trips were a lot of fun. We were in London the day before the Olympics started, so there was a lot of cool stuff going on that wouldn't be normally, but it's a great city no matter when you're there. Cambridge itself is a nice town with some beautiful scenery, incredible architecture, and really good food. The only thing was that everything closes down pretty early. In all, it is a really wonderful program where you will meet really wonderful people and have an experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

  • A
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) Pleasantly Surprised

    Reviewed by nyc parent on .

    My daughter just finished the 2014 Cambridge Tradition program and had a wonderful time overall. However after reading some of the negative reviews i felt compelled to write so that some future parents can read another parent's perspective.
    My daughter took Architecture as her major and i am absolutely thrilled at the quality of the education she received. It was not at all an easy, toe-dipping experience academically, rather it was a very serious first time architectural class. Her teacher inundated the class with a complex mix of history, theory, sketching, rudimentary drafting skills, site planning and structure planning. In my opinion she gave my daughter an excellent basis in the discipline, and she managed to inspire and have fun all at the same time. Since i am an architect myself and my daughter is seriously considering pursuing the profession, i am sincerely grateful for the quality of teacher that Oxbridge provided. She also had a marvelous teacher in her Art History minor course, who again provided a rich and nuanced look into that discipline. Both of my daughter's teachers had previously received Cambridge degrees, so their intimate familiarity with the town and University added immensely to the experience. I could go on about how stunning Jesus College is and how much fun the social experience was, but those were more expected elements (for me, at least) and the academics were more of a question mark- which they passed with flying colors. Many thanks to Oxbridge and her teachers.

  • A+
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) Best summer of my life

    Reviewed by Student on .

    I did not know what to expect when I arrived at Cambridge in July; however, I was pleasantly surprised. My classes were college level courses, and were both informative and fun. They were made up of students form all over the world, making my classes more cultured and allowed for analyses of topics different perspectives.

    I highly recommend Oxbridge Tradition to perspective students. It is a wonderful experience and is a great opportunity to experience independence before college and to make friends all over the world.

  • A+
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) Awesome!

    Reviewed by Sari on .

    This was the first camp I have ever done so far away from my home (Puerto Rico). It was an amazing opportunity and if I could do it again I would! Everyone was so friendly.There was people from the whole world. I made friends for life there. We still communicate everyday. It really was the best summer of my life. The classes were really in depth and well planned. The rooms were huge, the city is small but perfect with lots of young people, and the food was great! The program always had optional activities after class so there was no way to be bored. I recommend this camp to everyone!

  • A+
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) Such a great experience

    Reviewed by Hannah on .

    Attending the CamTrad program was the best thing I have ever done. It was the the first time I would be so far away from home (Australia) all by myself and I was so excited. I was able to meet so many people from all around the world and still to this day I am in contact with them. In regards to the actual classes I really enjoyed them. There was no stress, the teachers were really nice and flexible, and there was the opportunity to listen to many guest speakers to broaden your knowledge. There was always activities to participate in ranging from playing football to attending the weekly dance to going punting. I could go on for ages but I don't want to write an essay that no one would read. Basically it was an amazing experience that I will never forgot.

  • A+
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) A great experience

    Reviewed by Shannon on .

    When I arrived in Cambridge, I was a little nervous, but excited about the possibility of meeting other academically motivated students. I thoroughly enjoyed taking advantage of a number of the activities available outside of class as well as the many field trips we did. It was not quite as academic as I had expected, but I thought my teachers were good. I felt that the program was definitely worthwhile, and I'm glad I managed to make a few friends over the course of the month. It was also an opportunity to briefly explore the feel of a college experience. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in an academic summer program.

  • A+
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) Amazing experience

    Reviewed by Dominik Sobczak on .

    Although spending a whole summer at a program that requires you to study sounds like a bad thing to do, this definitely wasn't.

    On the first day, everyone was a little shy,which was normal and it didn't take long for me to form a large group of friends that I spent most of my time with. The lessons were given by professionals such as phd students or doctors and they set the learning curve really high. The lessons gave a lot of information and we even had days where we could swap classes so see how it feels to study a different topic.

    The life at Cambridge was fascinating. It's a compact town and it has everything you need a walking distance away. Also being able to experience the life of college was great because it prepares you for the future.

    I would go to this program again if I had time in the summer.

  • A
    Oxbridge Academic Programs - The Cambridge Tradition (Grades 10-12) Truly Wonderful Experience

    Reviewed by Molly on .

    As with any new experience, when I first stepped foot in Jesus College this July, I was quite nervous. I had no need to be, however, because the program administration did everything they could to make everybody feel welcome. By the second or third day of the program, I had made the friends I would maintain for the rest of the program and with whom I still keep in contact. I learned so much as part of the Astronomy and Astrophysics major and Creative Writing minor classes. We took field trips, did projects, learned quantum mechanics and rocket engineering, wrote for a literary magazine. My teachers were extremely helpful and willing to answer any question I had, whether it directly related to the subject or not. Overall, it was an experience that left me a better person than I was when I started and I would definitely recommend it to anyone with an interest in studying abroad.